Fine Japanese Art & Collectible Vinyl Records, LPs, 45s, 7″s

パラダイスバウンドへよこうそ!Welcome to Paradise Bound! We carry authenticated antique Japanese Art. 私達の掛軸は骨董品です。日本語を話します。

Place | 270 Augusta Ave. Kensington Market, Toronto. (One block west of Spadina Ave, a half-block south of College St.)

Product | We carry every genre of music and strictly grade our records. The Japanese Art is priced based on condition and rarity.  *Gift Certificates available in any denomination.

Contact | メール| coyote {-at-} / 416-916-7770

Visit Paradise Bound at Discogs. It’s easy to search some of our extensive stock online!

If you see something you like – email us and we’ll de-list it, hold it for you and give you a discount!!!

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