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呉竹 – Gochiku (act. Showa period) – Rising Sun & Waka – 日の出と和歌



Unfortunately, although we can read “Gochiku”, we have not been able to determine the identity of this artist yet. This happens for many reasons, 2 of which are: Many records have been destroyed by wars and natural disasters, and, these painters often have many “go” (art) names (Hokusai had 30) and no one kept track of all of them (an impossible task before the internet). This pre-war painting has a high quality silk mounting that changes the appearance of the painting in different types of daylight. The sun symbolizes Japan, the Imperial family and God. The waka poetry, roughly translated, speaks of the strength of the Showa emperor and the beauty of the rising sun. “Normal” fair condition (light stains and soiling – still enjoyable!). Please click the arrow on the upper left corner of the pictures to expand them.


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