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Attributed to Hashimoto Gahō – 橋本 雅邦 – (1835 – 1908) – Itsukushima Shrine (Miyajima) – 厳島神社


Hashimoto Gahō is considered one of the last great Kanō School painters. His art regularly adorns Japanese postage stamps and his pieces are in the collections of the Philadelphia Museum of ArtThe Tokyo Fuji Art Museum, and many other private and prestigious collections. The use of gold paint and intricate 3-dimensional perspective on large pieces were two of his hallmarks. Most indications are that this is a piece by Hashimoto-san, and the stamp seems identical to one of his, but we can not be absolutely certain – so it is “attributed to” him. Itsukushima Shrine is an UNESCO world heritage site.

Large size scroll. Fair condition (normal ageing, small stains). Date: Meiji period.

79″ x 29″ – $550 – Free shipping worldwide! All prices in Canadian dollars. $100 discount for in-store purchase!

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