Chikuho Mizuta 竹圃 水田 (1883 – 1958) a
Chikuho Mizuta 竹圃 水田 (1883 – 1958) bChikuho Mizuta 竹圃 水田 (1883 – 1958) cChikuho, Mizuta 竹圃 水田 (1883 – 1958) dChikuho Mizuta 竹圃 水田 (1883 – 1958) eChikuho Mizuta 竹圃 水田 (1883 – 1958) fChikuho Mizuta 竹圃 水田 (1883 – 1958) g

Mizuta Chikuho – 水田竹圃 (1883-1958) – Bamboo – 竹


Born in Osaka, in 1897 Mizuta-san  became a pupil of Himejima Chikugai. Highly respected, he exhibited at the Bunten, where he frequently received honorable mention, and served as a juror for the Teiten. He was also a founder of the Nihon Nanga-in (Japan Literati Painting Academy). As you can see in the title of this page, Mizuta-san has the character for bamboo in his name, and of course, as is common among literati painters (like how Suzuki Shonen, who had pine in his name, was a master of painting pines) he was a master of painting bamboo and brushed it throughout his career. Good condition (some creases). Very high quality silk mount (that will be illuminated in different ways throughout changing daylight) and elegant, carved bone roller ends.

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