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Kanō Sosen Toshinobu – 狩野素川(壽信) (1814-1897) – Mountains & Pine Sansui – 山水


An excellent example of late Edo/early Meiji Kanō-ha (Kanō School painting). The brush deftly and swiftly depicts the mountains and clouds with practiced ease. The pine tree is classically Kanō in its austerity. Kanō Sosen Toshinobu (1814-1897) is about as good a representative of his school that you can find from this time period. The extensive ancient, auspicious symbolism can be explained upon request. Small damages to a fine, original mounting make this an affordable antique showpiece at this very fair price (all pieces priced with condition in mind).

– 67″ x 18″ – $500 – Free shipping worldwide! Comes with a sealed document of authenticity. All prices in Canadian dollars. $25 discount for in-store purchase!

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