Nomura Sekko 野村雪江 a
Nomura Sekko 野村雪江 bNomura Sekko 野村雪江 cNomura Sekko 野村雪江 dNomura Sekko 野村雪江 eNomura Sekko 野村雪江 fNomura Sekko 野村雪江 g

Nomura Sekkō – 野村雪江 (1875-1961) – Kingfisher – カワセミ


Originally from Kumamoto city, Nomura-san first studied with Kondo Shosen, who was a master of animal paintings. He then studied with Murase Gyokuden, a Shijo school painter in Kyoto who was a master of kacho-ga and painted for the Imperial Household. In 1903, he married the daughter of Nomura Bunkyo, another Shijo-ha master who taught at the Kyoto Prefecture School of Painting who had studied under Shiokawa Bunrin and Mori Kansai. Bunkyo decided to adopt him into the family and that is how he came to take the Nomura family name and study with Bunkyo, who established Nihongakai with Kawabata Gyokusho and Araki Kanpo. One of his pieces is kept in the Tokyo National Cultural Properties Research Institute, and another in the collection of the Imperial Household. Since ancient times, the kingfisher has been considered auspicious for peace and prosperity and the serenity emitted by this piece can not be understated. Good condition (a couple of creases and a few small, light stains). -A bonus piece of trivia! -One of his grandchildren is Keita Miyahara, a renowned pianist and concert-master who studied with Ryuichi Sakamoto. *Please click the arrow on the upper left corner of the pictures to expand them.

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