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Sano Gofu – 佐野五風 (1886-1974) – Sea Bream – タイ



Kyoto born and raised, Sano-san graduated from the Kyoto Municipal Arts and Crafts College in 1907.  He was one of the best students of Takeuchi Seihō and studied Shijō-ha, but created his own easily identifiable style. A good example of that style can be seen at this piece held at the MFA. He exhibited regularly in exhibition after graduation, with some interruption because of WWII. Another fine work can be seen here. Sea bream “tai” in Japanese, are considered auspicious and joyous because “tai” is part of the word medetai, which means just that. Good condition (some creases). Unique seaweed-colored mounting blend of silk cotton and hemp that has a beautiful organic texture, complemented by hand-made pottery roller ends. Please click the arrow on the upper left corner of the pictures to expand them.


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