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Yukawa Shōdo – 湯川松堂 (1868-1955) – Winter Landscape – 冬山水


Yukawa Shōdo was a highly regarded talent during his lifetime and was a renowned master of bijin-ga, as can been seen here. His talent was fostered by Mitani Sadahiro and the great Suzuki Shōnen, who bestowed upon him the kanji for “sho” in his name from his own. As with all Japanese scrolls, there is ancient symbolism in the subject matter. Bare trees are a zen reminder of the transient and fleeting nature of life. Calm water is a zen reflection of one’s inner calm. A flock of geese or ducks is is auspicious for harmony with your peers, family and community. A piece of his in the Mishima City Regional Museum can be seen here. Good condition (one small stain). *Please click a second time on the top left corner of the pictures to expand them.

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