4th Yoshizo Asami – kyo a
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4th Yoshizo Asami – 浅見与し三 – (b.1961) – Kyo-yaki Tea Bowl – 京焼茶碗

$120.00 CAD

Yoshizo Asami IV (b.1961) comes from a long lineage of potters and works out of Yoshimine Gama in Kyoto. His grandfather was the second son of Asami Gorosuke II, and the 1st generation master of the Yoshimine family kiln. After Yoshizo’s father (2nd generation master) passed away, he began studying under his uncle (3rd generation master), along with his grandfather and Kiyomizu Rokubei VI. When his his uncle passed away in 1992, Yoshizo became the 4th generation master of the family kiln. This piece showcases his elegant trademark grey and white balance with a fine glaze. The wistfully painted hagi (bush clover) in the Nihonga style, is auspicious for bountiful harvests, and is a zen reminder of the melancholy of life.

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