Akiyama Iwao – 秋山巖 (1921-2014) – Set of 4 Large Woodblock Prints – “Four Seasons of Issa” (Famous Haiku) -Numbered, limited editions. Fully matted, with frame!

$1,100.00 CAD

“The priest was strict and for 3 months all I was allowed to draw were straight lines, circles, squares and triangles.”

This attention to discipline is not unique to Japan, but certainly more common. Akiyama Iwao is another student of the great Munakata Shiko. The simple, yet immediate and striking nature of his art is elegantly balanced with the haiku by Issa on these prints. This set is called “Issa no Shiki” – “Four Seasons of Issa”. They come with a lovely frame so that you  may change them each season. They also come in the original titled hardcover folder to keep them protected when not in the frame. I have a set in my personal collection and it’s great to have 4 seasonal pieces on my wall each year that are so easy to change.

1) Medetasa mo / chû kurai nari / oraga haru – My “Happy New Year!” / about average / my spring

2) Atsushi hi ya / hisashi wo hojiru / baka-garasu – Hot day / the foolish crow / picks at the eaves

3) Dono kani mo / heike meku nari / aki no kure – These crab also / have become like the Heike (struggling for impermanent fortune)/ autumn dusk

4) Kokorokara / shinano no yuki ni / furarekeri – “Snow in Shinano / falls on me / and my soul.”

We will be more than happy to elaborate on the meanings of these haiku. – Hand numbered 74 of 200, – signed and sealed. – 15″ x 16.5″ – $1100 – Comes with a document of authenticity. Free shipping worldwide! All prices in Canadian dollars. In-store purchase discount – $100 off!

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