Andō Hiroshige – 安藤 広重 (1797-1858) – Chrysanthemum & Butterflies – 菊とチョウ


Hiroshige was one of the most prolific artists in Japanese history. Since ancient times, the Japanese have considered kachō-ga (or kachō-e) an elegant expression of nature through art. The pieces also contain ancient symbolism. Here, the chrysanthemum is auspicious for cleansing. It is also the official seal of the Imperial Household. A butterfly is good luck for love and affection. Publisher: Oedo Mokuhansha. High quality. Made in the exact traditional manner as the original. Date: Shōwa period*Please click the top left corner of the photos to enlarge them.

Larger sized woodblock print. – $140 – 10.75″ x 15.5″ (image size). Price includes shipping worldwide! All prices in Canadian dollars. In-store purchase discount – $20 off!

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