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Araragi Bunpo – 櫟文峰 (1891-1970) – Cherry Blossoms – 桜


Born in Takayama, Gifu Prefecture, Bunpo learned Shijō school style painting by studying with Kato Eishu. After that, he studied with the Chinese artist, Yuan Peiji (1870-1943). During this period his painting name is Junzo. In the 19th year of the Taisho era, he won the first prize at the 7th Bunten exhibition with “Karamokoro”. Later, he studied at the Kyoto City College of Painting (now Kyoto City University of Arts)  under Hashimoto Kansetsu, after which he traveled to China. After WWII, he returned to Takayama to live a life of painting, using the name “Setsuan” in the latter part of his career (which was used to sign this piece). One of his pieces is in the permanent collection of the highly exclusive, historic property restaurant “Edoman Hidatakayama”, which is in his home town and only serves one group of four or more a day. He also painted the Large Sliding-Door Painting of Tigers inside Shorin-ji temple (click here to view), which were installed in 1926. The ancient symbolism of the cherry blossoms is feminine beauty, strength and sensuality, as well as a Zen reminder that beautiful things are fleeting and imperfect (wabi-sabi). A fine gift for any lady.

A few very small stains and a few tiny flakes of paint missing from two petals, -otherwise in fine condition.

SOLD. THANK-YOU!!! – $275 CAD – 51″ x 28″ – Comes with a sealed document of authenticity as well as 3 hours worth of further reading and documentaries in context to the piece. Price includes shipping worldwide! *All prices in Canadian dollars. In-store purchase discount, $25 off.

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