Artist/Monk not yet identified – 大象無形 – Taisho Mukei – Giant Elephant Invisible Here

$150.00 CAD


A young monk (too young to have any fame yet) brushed this ancient Zen Buddhist phrase which is different from the metaphorical idiom in English, where the elephant is a serious issue that everyone is trying to avoid. For the student of Zen, an invisible elephant is in the room, it is always there – and it represents everything that you don’t know and can’t understand – which is enormous. We don’t know what others are thinking or have experienced. We don’t usually know exactly why it is we get nervous about things, -and since we hardly know anything, we should be cautious and try our best to be courteous and kind.

The paper used for this piece is lightly embossed with an ancient Buddhist pattern encircled by gourds (which symbolize the essence of life because they hold water). Good condition.

19″ x 77″ – $150 – Price includes shipping worldwide! All prices in Canadian dollars. Comes with 3 hours worth of further reading and documentaries in a personalized email.


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