Asami Kōjō – 朝見香城 (1890~1974) – Lady Murasaki Shikibu, Author of “The Tale of Genji” – 紫 式部 – 源氏物語の作者

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Born in Hyogo, Asami-san studied in Kyoto with the Nihonga painter Nishiyama Suisho  -a piece of who’s we have in our collection at the moment, as well as with the modernist leaning Mori Getsujo (who is held in the Hyogo Prefecture Museum of Art). He exhibited at the Bunten Exhibition in 1915, and later entered the Teiten and Nitten Exhibitions. In recognition of his achievements, he received the Aichi Cultural Achievement Award. Lady Murasaki is one of the most renowned poets in Japanese history. Her “Tale of Genji” is considered one of the most important literary contributions in the country’s history and has been adopted into many films, theater, manga and opera.

This piece is a wonderful example of classic Japanese fine art painting in the traditions of the Fujiwara-sponsored painters of the Heian period through to the Muromachi period, as well as the best interpreters of historical characters from the yamato-e style by the Tosa School. Asami-san’s pieces have been handled by many prestigious auction houses, including Bonhams and Matsumoto Shoeido. The lush, dense, expertly painted flowing robes of Lady Murasaki are highlighted by real gold paint underneath, which when illuminated by the proper lighting, give the piece beautiful reflective qualities. Lovely lacquered wood jikusaki (roller ends). The final picture is from a piece in a private collection in Japan with a similar name seal. Japanese artists have many name seals through their careers, reflecting different periods in their artistic development. *Please click the top left corner of the pictures to expand them. Good condition. Some minor foxing and small stains (mostly on back), minor creases that will smooth out when hung with some fuchin weights, and some very small damages to one of the jikusaki.

22.5″ x 80″ – Comes with a sealed document of authenticity and 3 hours worth of relevant information about the craftmanship behind the scroll. Price includes shipping worldwide! All prices in Canadian dollars. –Japanese Art Explained, by Paradise Bound – YouTube.

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