Fujii Shorin (1824~1894) a
Fujii Shorin (1824~1894) bFujii Shorin (1824~1894) c

Fujii Shōrin – 藤井松林 (1824-1894) – Pine, Bird & River – 松と鳥と川

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Born as the oldest son to a feudal lord in Chōjamachi near the Fukuyama castle Hiroshima, Shōrin was an official painter who served at the Fukuyama Domain (Bingo province). One of his pieces is held in the Museum of the Imperial Collections   at this link here (second from the top “100 Otafuku”). One of his byōbu (folding screens) can be seen here (6th down, 5 sparrows). The Japanese biography and photo of the artist can be seen here. Exquisite silk and elegantly carved and expertly stained roller ends. Good condition (a couple of small, light stains). Smaller size – easy to manage with limited wall space.

SOLD. Thank-you!

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