Fujiyama Kakujō – 藤山鶴城 (1870 – ?) – Traditional House Sansui – 民家山水

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Fujiyama-san was born in Maizuru-cho, Kyoto Prefecture, on December 8, 1883. He graduated from the Kyoto Prefectural Painting School  where he studied under the great Kono Bairei, as well as studying Shijō-ha under Nomura Bunkyo. Fujiyama-san won the bronze prize several times at the Japan Art Association, as well as ten or so times at the Foreign Exhibition, the Joint Committee, and the Teiten Exhibition. For a short time, he also painted battle-scenes of the Russo-Japanese war. He was a member of the Imperial Painting Association & Japan Art Association and sold to the Imperial Household on more than one occasion. Fujiyama-san lived his last years in Akasaka Hinoki-cho, Tokyo and more than likely died in the calamity and horror of the bombings of Tokyo, or of related causes, at the end of WWII. His date of death has never been determined. This is a stunningly beautiful piece of art with all of the refined gentility of an artist at the height of his powers. Very good condition (one stain top right of mounting and other smaller stains  bottom of mount). Larger size scroll. *Please click the top left corner of the pictures to enlarge them.


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