Gosōtei Hirosada – 五粽亭 広貞 (act. 1826–1863, died c. 1865) – Nakayama Nanshi II as Chûemon’s wife Omasa – 「女房お政」二代目中山南枝

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Hirosada was Osaka’s top late-Edo Kamigata-e artist. He was backstage sketching during this production of “Dôjima Sukui no Tatehiki”. This piece is one-third of a triptych. A full triptych is held in the Museum of Fine Arts. It was printed and published by Kawaoto C. 1850. There is more than one printing of this triptych, -corresponding with extensions and remountings of this drama. Nakayama Nanshi II was an extremely talented 19th century Ôsaka onnagata actor, who could perform any classic female role. He was considered the last great Kamigata onnagata of the Edo period.

Very good condition for its age. *Please click the top left corner of the picture a second time to enlarge it further.

8″ x 10.5″(image size) – $175 CAD – Free shipping worldwide! Comes with a signed and sealed document of authenticity. All prices in Canadian dollars.

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