Grey Coyote – 郊狼 灰 – (b. 1970) – Heart-Mind Unleashed – 解き放たれた心

$40.00 CAD


Grey Coyote is the owner of Paradise Bound. He spends time in Japan every year (excluding pandemic years) visiting family, studying Buddhism and painting, practicing haiku and buying art. He is a great admirer or Miró, Tarō and Picasso (too name a few) and is influenced by Gibon, Nantenbo, Taiga, and many others. One of his painting styles is traditional Japanese subject matter with a modernist twist. This original piece was hand-brushed on gorgeous, large-fibre, handmade Japanese washi paper.

“Kokoro” is the Japanese character for heart, mind, spirit, soul, thought and ideas (they don’t differentiate between the heart and the mind because they are inexorably linked). *After clicking on a picture, click the top left corner to expand them (and really see the reflective pigments). The final picture is an example of how they look in a standard $5 frame.

8.5″ x 11″ – Free shipping world-wide. *(Note to those who haven’t bought wide-brush calligraphy before: The ink saturates the paper and makes it a bit wavy – but the paper flattens under glass when framed and looks fine.)

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