Grey Coyote – 郊狼 灰 – (b. 1970) – Maruyama Park – 円山公園 – Maruyama Kōen – Limited Edition of 50

$50.00 CAD

Paradise Bound on YouTube.

Grey is also fond of photography.

…and I believe that in a past life, I lived in this area… …more pieces of art from the painters that lived in this area find their way into my hands than from any other part of Japan, -and when I’m in the vicinity of Maruyama Park, -I find myself finding ancient trails into the mountains effortlessly, -as if I’d already walked them thousands of times before… …and I have more paintings by Keibun, Shōdō, and many other painters who worked on Shijō Street, which is just down around the corner, than any of the other historically significant schools…

This will be a limited edition of 50, signed, titled, numbered and sealed by Grey on the verso.

Grey Coyote is the owner of Paradise Bound. He spends time in Japan every year, visiting family, studying Buddhism and painting, practicing haiku and buying art. He is a great admirer or Miró, Tarō and Picasso (too name a few) and is influenced by Gibon, Nantenbo, Taiga, and many others. One of his painting styles is traditional Japanese subject matter with a modernist twist.

8″ x 10″ (standard size for very affordable frames) – PURCHASE COMES UNFRAMED. – Free shipping world-wide.

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