Hanabusa Itchō – 英一蝶 (1652-1724) – Shōki The Demon Queller Riding A Lion-Dog – 参道狛犬に乗る鍾馗

$25,000.00 CAD

This original is by Hanabusa Itchō. It depicts Shoki, the demon slayer. Both Shoki and the Lion-Dogs (Komainu) are considered auspicious as guardians and for warding off evil spirits.

Hanabusa received his most thorough initial training from the Kanō school before turning to a more literati style of painting after a dozen years of exile for crossing the Tokugawa Shogunate with his artistic and social pursuits. Artists the world over have always been some of the greatest critics of the ruling elite, and many Japanese artists received harsh punishment (sometimes resulting in death) for sharing their opinions in art / speech / word or deed. The style of this piece is very Kanō, and its subject matter is also in keeping with that school’s common practice of providing its wealthy patrons with pieces meant to bring good fortune (or at least stave off bad fortune). These facts, combined with the fact that “nobu” is used on his seal (a character used in most Kanō school artists’ names), and that it was expertly mounted with high quality materials (more than likely by one of Tokyo’s leading mounting artisans working exclusively for the Kanō family) leads us to believe that this was painted in his early period.

His works are held in numerous museums, -many of which have pieces of debatable authenticity. Signed “Hanabusa Itchō ga”. Normal seal fading. Fair-good normal condition (some silk loss, creases, small stains and damages, ageing and toning).

17″ x 43″ – *In proper storage – not at our store. Please contact us for a viewing. Comes with a signed and sealed document of authenticity and an email containing roughly 3 hours-worth of relevant reading and links to relevant documentaries. Purchase price includes shipping world-wide. All prices in Canadian dollars. Location: Cabinet A.

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