Hashimoto Shiun – 橋本紫雲 – (b.1940) – Kyo-yaki Tea Bowl – 京焼茶碗 – In original, handmade & signed box.

$175.00 CAD

This piece is elegantly decorated with seasonal and shippo designs (ancient Japanese geometrical patterns). It is tall and appropriate for the cooler months (late winter / early spring). Hashimoto Shiun is the son of potter Hashimoto Jogaku – (橋本城岳) who was born in Fukui prefecture and studied in Manchuria in his early years. After WWII, he studied with master potter Inoue Harumine and later became Shiun’s father and teacher. Shiun took over the kiln in 2003. The family has been practicing its craft in Kyoto since ancient times. -With the original handcrafted and signed and titled box.

Comes with a document of authenticity. Free shipping worldwide! All prices in Canadian dollars. 

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