Hattori Sekisen – 服部石仙 (1864-1920) – Two Deer & Landscape Painting – 山水双鹿図


There are a few famous places where deer are left to roam free and have become somewhat permanent fixtures of certain cities and temples. Beloved by the Japanese since ancient times, deer are auspicious for longevity. Autumn leaves are a Zen reminder of the transient nature of life, and traditional homes are auspicious for humility and happiness in the home.

Between 1882 and 1913, and starting at the age of 18, Hattori-san exhibited at the 15th Meiji Painting Promotion Society, made most yearly lists of famous painters, exhibited at the Nara Prefecture Expo, received a certificate of notable work at the Paris Expo, and was honored by His Imperial Highness at the Nagoya New-Ancient Art Exhibition. He is honored online by a memorial website (see picture this page) and an ongoing list of officially archived printed documentation (also pictured here). The last photo shows a similar name seal in official records. Normal condition (small stains and creases).

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