Himejima Chikutei – 姫島竹亭 (1895-1945) – Chikubai (Bamboo & Plum) – 竹梅

$275.00 CAD


Himejima-san was born in Nara Prefecture as a son of the famous samurai-class Nanga style painter, Himejima Chikugai. His real given name was Hiromichi and he lived in Osaka and studied painting under his father. Upon completion of his training, his father gave him the character for bamboo “chiku” from his own name, and so “bamboo outside” was succeeded by “bamboo pavilion”. He specialized in landscapes and bird and flower compositions and could paint in many styles. There is no precise date of death in 1945, suggesting that he died in the carnage of the end of WWII. We have had the pleasure of selling his fine work four times, and this is our fifth acquisition. This piece has a few creases that have been reinforced on the back with the proper imported materials. This is a fine example of pre-war Nanga painting. The ancient, auspicious meanings are: bamboo = strength and resilience / utility / quickly rising to the top: plum = success (because it blooms so early, in late winter, when there may still be snow). *Please click the top left corner of the pictures to enlarge them.

17″ x 71″ – Price includes shipping worldwide! Comes with a signed and sealed document of authenticity. All prices in Canadian dollars. 

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