Hirai Kensai – 平井顕斎 – (1802~1856) – Sansui – 山水

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Hirai-san was a Nanga painter from the late Edo period. He initially trained under Muramatsu Ikō (top painting, this link) and Fukuda Hankō, which places him in the impeccable lineage of his master’s master, the great Watanabe Kazan. Hirai-san learned to paint in many styles and here we see him emulating Ike No Taiga, who was known for painting with his fingers and fingernails. It is very likely that this piece was executed in a similar fashion. Remounted in the Showa period. Many “normal” damages for its age (roughly 175 years old) -stains, folding lines, wrinkles, flaking etc, (see pictures) but still enjoyable.

18″ x 73″

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