Horie Shunsai – 堀江春斎 (1900-?) – Sansui – 山水


Horie-san was born in Namerikawa, Toyama Prefecture, a region renowned for it’s breathtaking mountainous scenery. Having grown up there obviously had a strong influence on his decision to become primarily a landscape painter, but he also excelled at kachō-ga. Upon completion of his studies at the Kyoto College of Painting, he exhibited at the Emperor’s Graduation Exhibition. His most important teacher was the great landscape painter Yamamoto Shunkyo, who helped usher in modern styles into Nihonga and was appointed an official painter to the Imperial Household. He settled in the famously historic Sakyo ward of Kyoto (one of our most favorite places in the world) and both before and after WWII, he contributed extensively to the Kyoto exhibitions (Nitten Emperor’s Exhibition, 14 times / others 10 times) and academic circles and was part of the Kyoto Shimbun spring exhibition in 1960. In 2017, his home town of Namerikawa had a retrospective exhibition of his work. His pseudonyms are Ichijo and Rakuzanso. We may safely assume that the date of death has yet to be determined because he passed away before the internet came into everyday use. However, we can, judging from the ageing of some of the scrolls in circulation, safely assume he was painting into his eighties. Very good condition (tiny bit of foxing).

28″ x 56″ – $275 – SOLD. THANK-YOU! 

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