Ichikawa Hirozumi – 市川廣三 (act. Showa period) – Mishima Ware Tea Bowl – 三島焼茶碗

$175.00 CAD


Ichikawa-san was a Kyoto native who could work in many pottery styles dating back to ancient times. Mishima ware is another of the many styles imported into Japan from Korea. They are inlaid with various motifs such as floral and geometric patterns. To create them, a potter would engrave the design in the body. Next, the engravings would be filled with contrasting colored clay (or slip). Finally, the bowl is covered with a transparent glaze. This piece is a fine example of quality Mishima ware. Other examples of his work (not for sale) are pictured after the photo of this bowl’s box. With original, signed box.


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