Ichino Shinsui II – 二代 市野 信水 (b. 1957) – Tanba-Yaki Chawan – 丹波立杭焼茶碗

$200.00 CAD


“I know it may sound strange, but I think that it is good to talk to my clay.” – As a second generation potter who grew up surrounded by his father’s work and who loves what he does, that statement may not sound all that strange. His pieces have been described as “simple and vigorous”, much like the diligent man himself. Tanba pottery is considered one of the Six Ancient Kilns of Japan. They are light and due to their natural glazes, -rustically appealing. By the age of 23, Ichino-san had been selected for exhibitions, and by 27 had won two prestigious prizes. Since then, he has been featured dozens and dozens of times in solo exhibition and other exhibitions all over Japan. Ichino-san’s new flower vase creations for ikebana are in such demand that their price point usually starts at over $1000.

$200 – Price includes shipping worldwide! Comes with a sealed document of authenticity. All prices in Canadian dollars. In-store purchase discount – $25 off!

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