Irabo Chawan – 伊羅保茶碗


Gorgeous, rustic and comforting, this bowl shows a very clear communication between the artisan and the earth that they work with. The name Irabo comes from the Japanese “ira-ira,” meaning annoyed or irritable. Irabo tea bowls have a rough surface texture, showing the clay, sand mix, and thin glazing. The Irabo style comes from ancient Korea. It is pock-marked and rough, but it will darken and become smoother as it’s used over the years. The tea bowl is a living object and is meant to be used. If it is only put on display, it dies. One of our favourites – highly recommended. The seal on the underside has not been identified yet, but when it is the piece will increase in value. With gift box.

$100 – Free shipping worldwide! All prices in Canadian dollars. In-store purchase discount – $20 off!

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