Ishiguro Unpō – 石黒雲峰 (1886-1962) – Winter Landscape – 冬山水

$575.00 CAD


Japanese Art Explained, by Paradise Bound – YouTube

Born in Nagoya to retainers of the Tokugawa shoganate, Unpō’s first master was Okamoto Ryunan, which means he also received transmission from his master’s teacher, the legendary Yamamoto Baiitsu. He then studied with Hashimoto Dokuzan, who was chief priest of Shōkoku-ji Temple, head of the Shōkoku-ji sect, and was himself taught by the great Tessai. This is an elegant piece of work by a highly skilled artist, and it contains 6-fold ancient auspicious symbolism that will be shared upon purchase.

After studying the normal toning and aging, we have determined that it was painted before WWII. Remounted in 1992 (see 8th and 9th pictures). Mounting in excellent condition. Honshi (main silk painted area) in very good normal condition for its age (small stains, toning and aging). The final picture shows how we can create a Japanese space in your home for winter with this scroll. Scroll, vase, foliage, fuchin (scroll weights), riser consultation (riser fees paid by client, as riser needs vary considerably) and installation is priced at $1575 CAD for the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). Please contact us if you are considering this option and watch the video featuring this scroll here.

26″ x  76″ – $575 – Price includes shipping worldwide! Comes in an industrial-strength, re-sealable, airtight tube, with a signed and sealed document of authenticity and an email with links to roughly 3 hours worth of further reading and documentary viewing related to the piece. All prices in Canadian dollars.

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