Ishikawa Toyomasa – 石川豊雅 – (fl. 1770-1780) – The Pleasures of the Twelve Months: The Tenth Month – Ebisu Festival and Blowing Soap Bubbles

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Possibly the son of Ishikawa Toyonobu, Ishikawa Toyomasu (fl. 1770-1780) is best known for his depictions of children at play. This piece is #10 in a series of 12 and depicts the Ebisu Festival. This original was hand-printed circa 1767. Good normal condition (ageing, browing) with fine impressions and good colour. Light crease top left corner that will smooth out with proper framing. Pieces from this artist in good condition are rare. Most are in private collections and museums.

10″ x 7.5″ – $500 – Comes with a sealed document of authenticity and 3 hours-worth of relevant reading and documentary viewing. Free shipping worldwide! All prices in Canadian dollars. 

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