Kai Kozan – 甲斐虎山 (1867~1961) – Sansui – 山水



Having lived roughly 94 years, Kai-san played a long, active role in the Kyoto art scene. He studied the Southern School (Nanga in Japan) intensively, and even traveled to South Korea and Northern China to deepen his skills at sansui painting, -as the literati painters have been expected to do since ancient times – their saying is: “The more one reads, and the more one travels, the better their art becomes.” Also highly regarded as a modernist, he is collected internationally, which includes pieces being held in the Minneapolis Institute of Art, The University of California, and the Ōita Prefectural Art Museum. His wife, Kai Wariko, a poet and educator who often collaborated with her husband, was born one year after him and passed away in the year after his death. This scroll is a very manageable size. A few slight spots of foxing and one small stain on the jiku-bou (bottom roller), -otherwise in fine condition.


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