Attributed to Kano Eisen Hisanobu (also Furunobu) – 狩野永川院古信 (1696 – 1731) – Li Bai – 李 白

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Kanō Eisen Hisanobu was the 5th head of the Kobikicho Kanō school. His given name was Shozaburo, and his “go” (painter’s) name was Eisen. He studied painting under his father, Kanō Chikanobu and copied old paintings in the Imperial collection. Living and working in Edo (now Tokyo) he succeeded to his father’s job as official painter for the Tokugawa Shogunate.
Later, he was appointed to the rank of Hogen 法眼 (Hōgen) “Seal of the Law”. This piece depicts the classic scene from ancient Chinese painting of Li Bai watching a waterfall. We would be happy to explain the ancient symbolism of this piece and what it is auspicious for. Normal condition (ageing, wear, browning, small damages, small stains, small repairs to the verso) and still very enjoyable. As an official Tokugawa painter, he was able to afford “zoge jikusaki” (elephant tusk roller ends), which this kakejiku has (showing their age, but still in normal, good condition – see last picture). The final picture shows the same signature and seal on another piece from a Japanese collection.

19″ x 73″ – $2000 – Comes with a signed and sealed document of authenticity. Free shipping worldwide! All prices in Canadian dollars.

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