Kanō Eisin’in Michinobu – 狩野栄川院典信 (1730-1790) – Crane Holding A Peach – 鶴と桃

$3,000.00 CAD

This extraordinary painting was created for a very important marriage. The fact that it still exists to this day is a testament to the success of that marriage and the continued lineage of the family that previously owned it. Only a great master of the Kanō School would have understood not only how to technically compose such an endearing image, but he would have also had to have been trained in the ancient use of symbology from the classic Chinese texts. As many people know, the crane is a symbol of longevity as well as being auspicious for marriage. To be holding a peach in its beak is a gesture of offering health, wealth and abundance to one’s fiancé. The lord or wealthy merchant for who this was painted was very influential and wanted the best for their child. -Wholly unique, one of our finest pieces and a favorite among the few lucky shoppers who have had a chance to view it.

The exact same name seal can be seen in the ninth photo, -which is of a piece held in the British Museum. Good normal condition for its age (toning, small stains and damages). The textiles used are adorned with ancient, auspicious Buddhist symbols in a style and pattern that was created exclusively for the Kanō School.

Kanō Michinobu was born into one of the greatest painting families in the history of the world. Many of their works are deemed as National Treasures of Japan.

17.5″ x 63″ – $3000 CAD – Price includes shipping worldwide! Comes with a signed and sealed document of authenticity and an email with links to roughly 3 hours worth of further reading and documentary viewing related to the piece. All prices in Canadian dollars.

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