Kanō Isen’in Naganobu (1775-1828) – 狩野伊川院栄信 – Plum Blossoms – 梅

$3,000.00 CAD

Kanō Isen’in Naganobu had to maintain thousands of traditions being born into the lineage of the Kanō  School. One of those traditions (nearer the top of the list) would have been to be able to paint good “ume” (oo-meh) – plum blossoms. An ancient symbol auspicious for overcoming adversity and success (because they bloom so early – sometimes during snowfall), the plum blossom has been a visual staple painted by Buddhist monks for millennia. This is a wonderful rendering, with a subtle touch of gold paint in the haze that can be seen better with proper lighting. Although this scroll is over 200 years old, it is still very strong, thanks to the quality of the washi paper used. We can not stress enough just how strong the top washi papers of this time were. In the late Edo period, Japan was in an extended period of peace and the middle class was the wealthiest they had ever been. All of the top artisans had plenty of time and resources to make the best possible arts and crafts and that is one of the reasons why there are still so many fine pieces extant in good condition. The last picture shows how the washi has aged and browned, but has the tensile strength of a textile more than that of a “paper” (a similar washi was being used to make underwear). Signed Isen’in Hogen hitsu and sealed (placing it as being pre-1816, as that was the year he was elevated to the highest ‘hoin’ (‘Seal of the Law’) rank by the Tokugawa Shogunate.

63″ x 22.5″ – $3000 – Good condition (small stain [see picture 5], normal creases in the upper and lower [ten & chi] of the mount). Lacquered jikusaki (roller ends) in good condition. Comes with a signed and sealed document of authenticity. All prices in Canadian dollars. Free shipping worldwide! LOCATION: COUNTER A -RIGHT SHELF.

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