Kano Toshinobu
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Kanō Sosen Toshinobu – 狩野素川(壽信) (1814-1897) – Mountains & Pine Sansui – 山水

$500.00 CAD $400.00 CAD

An excellent example of late Edo /early Meiji Kanō-ha (Kanō School painting). The brush deftly depicts the light and shadow of the mountains and clouds with practiced ease. The pine tree is classically Kanō in its austerity. Kanō Sosen Toshinobu (1814-1897) is about as good a representative of his school that you can find from this time period. Works by Toshinobu are held in the Cantor Arts Center of Stanford University / The Smithsonian / The Edo-Tokyo Museum (an undisputed masterpiece) / The Adachi Museum etc. The extensive ancient, auspicious symbolism will be explained upon request. Small damages to a fine, original mounting make this an affordable antique showpiece at this very fair price (all pieces priced with condition in mind). One bone jikusaki (roller end) is missing a cap, but it can not be seen from the front. We have replaced the hanging string with the proper imported kakejiku (japanese scroll) string, -so it’s good to hang for roughly 100 years (the average age that said string begins to suddenly break from age and weight stress).

18″ x 67″ – $500 – Free shipping worldwide! Comes with a sealed document of authenticity. All prices in Canadian dollars. $25 discount for in-store purchase!

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