Kanō Yosen’in Korenobu – 狩野惟信 (1753-1808) – Waterfall – 滝 w BOX.

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Korenobu was a son and pupil of Kanō Michinobu (Eisen’in) (1730-1790). He became the sixth-generation head of the Kobikicho Kanō family, and served the shogunate as an official painter. He was given the titles of Hogen (eye of the law) in 1781 and Hoin (seal of the law) in 1794. He was also a tea ceremony master, and so there is a high probability that this scroll had its debut at a ceremony he performed for one of his patrons. Only established families of means were able to approach the shogunate to request hanging scrolls from the Kanō family.

Waterfalls are a Zen reflection of energy and vitality, are auspicious for wealth pouring in and are cherished by literati artists for their meditative qualities. The ions that emanate from waterfalls are known by the health sciences to be a natural source of negative ions, which can have positive physiological effects on mood and stress levels.

Fair, normal condition. Please study the photos carefully and be aware of all of the small damages. High quality repair tape on verso to prevent further creasing. New cord. Comes in a very old, perfectly fitted, artisan handmade box.

Provenance: private collection, Osaka, purchased 2023.

14.5″ x 68″ – Free shipping worldwide!

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