Kanō Zuisen Yoshinobu – 狩野随川甫信 (1696-1745) – Mt. Fuji Landscape – 富士の山水

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The Kanō family is one of the most successful dynastic art families in the history of the world. Zuisen Yoshinobu was the third son (adopted) of the great Tsunenobu. As a result, he fell under the authority of Tsunenobu’s second son, Minenobu. Being much younger than Minenobu and having talent worthy of the lineage not only allowed him to replace Minenobu as an official painter to the Tokugawa Shogunate, but also left hin the responsibility of continuing to train his successors, Jozen Yokinobu and Harunobu. Although this branch of the Kanō school was hard-pressed to equal the successes of Tsunenobu, his students continued to hold fairly decent stature for the family, and their lineage continued most prolifically until 1912, with the passing of Kanō Tomonobu. Georgeous, delicate brushwork and an overall, wonderfully balanced composition. The strong, animal glue mixed mineral pigments have mostly held firm on the silk for an astonishingly long time. The beautifully scripted waka poetry is great proof of the training in ancient poetic composition the family also held dear, and that the ruling class greatly admired and paid handsomely for. We are not experts at the tranlation of ancient waka, but we can read that it is about the sunrise on a morning when beautiful mountain cherry blossoms “yamazakura” are in full bloom. An excellent example of the transmission from Tsunenobu to Yoshinobu can be seen here and compared to this piece. The last photo shows the exact same signature from a piece in a private collection in Japan, where Yoshinobu used one of his other name seals.

Normal condition (many small damages, toning and age related damages, –but still very enjoyable for a piece of art 0ver 275 years old).

SOLD. – $750 CAD – Large and wide and very impressive! – 33″ W x 50″ H. Comes with a sealed document of authenticity and 3 hours worth of further reading and documentary viewing. Price includes shipping worldwide! All prices in Canadian dollars. 

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