Keisai Eisen – 渓斎 英泉 (1790-1848) – Kumagai (Kumagaya) – 熊谷宿 – 69 Stations Of The Kiso Kaidō – 木曾街道六十九次

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Paradise Bound On YouTube.

We’ve put this piece in with the Hiroshige because Keisai started this series and Hiroshige finished it – making for a very interesting study of two styles that complemented each other and yet were very distinct. During his somewhat short, hard-drinking lifetime, he made his mark in history mostly for his pieces depicting beauties. This piece shows the relief felt on behalf of everyone seen that another taxing part of a long journey had come to an end, and rest, meals and baths would be taken as they were served by the gracious hosts of the inn. Kumagai is known today as Kumagaya69 Stations Of The Kiso Kaidō was originally published by Iseya Rihei (Kinjudō) circa 1834-1842.

This edition published by Kajikawa Kōbō. Date: Shōwa period. *Please click the top left corner of the photos to enlarge them. Excellent condition (one faint rubbed spot outside of the piece in the blank margin [see last photo]). Fine impressions, registration and rich colors!

40.4 cm x 27.4 cm  (image size). Price includes shipping worldwide! All prices in Canadian dollars. 

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