Kitagawa Utamaro – 喜多川 歌麿 (1753-1806) – Hanazuma of the Hyōgoya

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Japanese Art Explained, by Paradise Bound – YouTube.


Hanazuma of the Hyōgoya, kamuro Sakura and Nioi (Hyōgoya uchi Hanazuma, Sakura, Nioi), from the series Array of Supreme Portraits of the Present Day (Tōji zensei nigao-zoroe). This edition by The Japan Art Association! 日本美術画会版画部 – Overseen by the top Japanese art historians. Hand-printed by Watanabe Akio 渡辺章夫 / Carved by Okura Kenji 大倉健二. -Prints from this series are difficult to acquire. Very good condition. – Very large -10.5″ x 15″

The highest quality Japanese paints were used for this print. High quality, handmade washi paper was used for this series, and they will hold up perfectly for centuries if kept in the right conditions with the proper archival materials.

Gentlemen! I’ve never met a lady who wasn’t very, very happy to receive an Utamaro!

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