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Kitagawa Utamaro – 喜多川 歌麿 (1753-1806) – Mallard Ducks and Kingfisher, from the album “Myriad Birds Compared to Kyoka Poems” – 百千鳥 (鴨 豊年雪丸 翡翠 三陀羅法師)


Not only was Utamaro a great master of beauties, he was highly skilled at “kachō-ga” (bird and flower compositions). Here we have a print from an album that pairs each of his pieces with the poetry that inspired him. The poems read: “Let us exchange vows that you and I will be reborn on the same lotus leaf, and we’ll be forever close as joined wings of kingfishers.” -Sandara Boshi / “As he waits for his love letter to be sped across land by a duck, he remains a slave to love, as though trapped in birdlime.” – Hōnen no Yukimaru – The kingfisher is auspicious for peace and prosperity and the mallards are auspicious for marriage and happiness. Originally published around about 1790 (Kansei 2).

This print will beautifully complement a room furnished in rich wood, dark leathers or earth tones. Published by Oedo Mokuhansha. Excellent condition. In original viewing folder. Date:Shōwa period.


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