Kitao Masayoshi – 北尾 政美 (1761-1824) – Peony In The Rain – 雨中の牡丹

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A student of Kitao Shigemasa, Kitao Masayoshi was one of the official painters to the daimyo of Tsuyama. He also received some training under Kano Eisen’in. Recognized as the “king of the flowers”, the peony in the rain is no less appealing than one in sunshine. It is auspicious for beauty, wealth, high rank, social status, opulence, etc. Extremely high quality Adachi Institute print in double folder with notes enclosed (translated by Shigetaka Kaneko). – 7.5″ x 10″ (image size) – Will convey a strong emotion when properly framed, or can be enjoyed when taken out of your collection to view flat in the appropriate lighting. Date: Shōwa period.

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