Kiyoshi Ikezumi ginza a
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Kiyoshi Ikezumi – 生悦住喜由 (1913-2010) – Yachaba – やっちゃ場


Kiyoshi-san was born in Tokyo and went to the Imperial School of Art (now the Musashino Art University) for 4 years. He exhibited at the Shinkyo Art Exhibition while still a student, and received a research prize in 1943. After the war, he released many works as a freelance designer, including the 1976 series “いろは四十四店” (Iroha 44 Stores), -of which this is number 24, “やっちゃ場” (fruits, vegetables and teas). Small stains. Slight creases. One light bit of paper stuck to the cart being pulled (Pictures 4 and 5). A fair amount of those blemishes will be hidden when matted and framed.

The highest quality Japanese paints were used for this print and they are bold and striking to behold. Thick washi was used for this series and they will hold up perfectly for centuries if kept in the right conditions with the proper archival materials. *Please click the top left corner of each picture to expand them.


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