Kojima Keishin – 小島景信 (1869-1927?) – Spring Landscape – 春山水

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A native of Tokyo, Kojima-san was orignally a student of the Kanō school. However, as the Meiji era progressed, he felt more of an affinity with the Maruyama-Shijō school and switched his focus of study to apprentice under Kyoto master Nomura Bunkyo, who had studied under the greats Shiokawa Bunrin and Mori Kansai. These influences and techniques, as well as an extremely high level of mixing paints, -resulting in the strongest and longest lasting of pigments to silk canvas, are on full display on this piece. When we look at the average Shijō-school painting created post-war, we often see flaking and a less-disciplined attention to classic Shijō-standard detail and techniques. This piece is easily placed in the pre-war canon of highly disciplined Shijō artists who were creating pieces to last for centuries. The same can be said of the mounting materials. The silk is elegant and of the highest quality, -showing no signs of seam seperation. It is obvious that one of Kyoto’s highest ranking mounting artisans mounted this painting and that it is 100% original from the top-most silk thread to the bottom bone roller ends. This is the definition of Kyoto elegance and refinement. This piece has five-fold ancient auspicous symbolism that we would be very happy to share with any serous buyer. The final image is of an exhibition piece of Kojima-san’s published in Japan’s top fine arts magazine from 1901. At the time of that publication, he was an official artist of the Imperial Household. Condition: Very good. -A very little bit of light fading to the silk at the very top of the mounting (ten -heaven), just below the hassou (top rod).

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