Kondō Shōsen – 近藤樵仙 (ca. 1866-1951) – Autumn Sansui (Landscape) – 秋山水

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Kondō-san hailed from Higo, which is now Kumamoto Prefecture. He studied with Sugitani Seishō, who gave him the character “sho” (樵) from his own name for Kondō’s graduated painter’s name. Since he hailed from Higo, it is only fitting that he is held in the Kumamoto Prefectural Museum. The Yatsushiro Municiple Museum also has 3 wonderful pieces in their permanent collection. A lithograph of an historical painting done for his prefecture is held at the MFA. A partial list of exhibition entries and milestones can be seen here. Good “normal” condition (honshi [painted area] has very minor small light stains and wear – upper and lower part of the mounting have many small stains. Still very enjoyable. We would be more than happy to explained the multi-faceted, ancient Zen-Buddhist symbolism of this piece. *Please click the top left corner of each picture to expand them.


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