Maekawa Bunrei – 前川文嶺 (1837-1917) – Autumn Landscape – 秋山水

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Maekawa-san was born in Kyoto to Shijo school painter Maekawa Gorei, who in turn was a pupil of the great Matsumura Keibun.  As well as teaching at the Kyoto Prefecture Painting School at the time of its opening, he joined the Kyoto Art Association and served as a judge on the Japan Youth Painting Exhibition Committee. During his distinguished career he exhibited at the Japan Painting Exposition Association, the National Painting Exposition Fair, the Japan Painting Association, and the Japan Art Institute Coalition Painting Exhibition Association. An absolutely gorgeous top quality silk frames this painting. Normal, good condition (light stains [one long one at the very bottom], folding lines and ageing that do not affect the ability to appreciate its beauty). A fine example of Shijōha. The last four pictures are of a Maekawa scroll in a collection in Japan with the same signature stamp.


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