Matsumura Keibun – 松村 景文 (1779 -1843) – Wisteria & Warbler – 花鳥画

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Matsumura Keibun was one of the greatest painters of the Shijo school, as well as the head of the school after the death of it’s founder, his older half-brother, Matsumura Goshun. He had many great students that also went on to prominence. His paintings are held in many museum collections internationally. Gorgeous original mounting with reflective gold stenciled brocade. Fair, normal condition (creases, small damages and small stains etc). With original box with beautiful dark patina! Provenance: private collection, Kyoto, purchased 12/2023 in Kyoto.

The ancient auspicious meaning of this piece is: wisteria = youth, love, perseverance and the transient nature of life / warbler = the Yang, and beautiful song, or beautiful voice.

14.75″ x 76″ – Price includes shipping world-wide! Comes with a document of authenticity and 3 hours worth of relevant information.

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