Matsuno Hideyo – 松野秀世 – (1936-2002) – Kiku Jido – 菊慈童

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Kiku Jido is a familiar character to lovers of traditional Noh theatre and has been depicted by artists since ancient times. In Noh, Kiku, the “Chrysanthemum Boy” is 700 years old, but drinks nectar made from the dew of chrysanthemums, and so retains the youthful appearance of a boy. He performs an important traditional dance that has been handed down from master to apprentice for many generations. Pieces by Matsuno-san are not often seen outside of Japan.

There is not much biographical information about Hideyo, however, we know that he was his father’s (Matsuno Sofu) best student. Born in Tokyo in 1936 he graduated from Tokyo Gakugei Nihon Gakuin in 1960 and won first prize at the Japan Art Institute exhibition that same year. While active at the Japan Fine Arts Institute, he painted the backdrops at the Kanze Noh theater in Tokyo and a series of wall paintings at Itsukushima Shinto shrine.

This hand-printed limited edition was carved by Nagashima Michio and printed by Shinmi Saburo. Excellent condition.


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