Mori Ippo – 森 – 鳳 – (1798 – 1871) – Mandarin Ducks and Plum Blossoms – 鴛鴦と梅の花

SOLD. Thank-you!


We wouldn’t be parting with this scroll if we didn’t already have a wonderful waterfowl piece in our personal collection. This is Shijō School painting at the highest level by a great student of two great masters, Mori Sosen and Mori Tetsuzan. The ability to paint snow by painting everything except the snow is one of their talents – as is apparent here. Mori-san’s very fine, precise brushwork renders the Mandarin ducks to perfection. When combined with plum blossoms, this scroll becomes good luck for a successful marriage. Good normal condition (small stains – crease – ageing and browning). Mismatched jikusaki. The last three photos are of the piece in our personal collection. The mounting materials came from the same artisan as this piece.

SOLD. -Thank-you!

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