Mori Taiseki – 森泰石 (1870-1940) – Tiger – 虎

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Taiseki was born in Shimamura, Haguri District (currently Ichinomiya City). His real name is Yutaka. He studied under Mori Hanitsu (1848-1940) [Ichinomiya City Museum], who was from the same hometown, and his cousin.
He first studied flower and bird painting under the great Mori Kinseki (1843-1921) [Museum of the Imperial Collections], and later studied animal painting under Ohashi Suiseki [Museum of Fine Arts, Gifu]. He was given the “seki – 石” from Kinseki. His prowess for painting tigers was honed through his studies with Suiseki.
His realism skills were well-received, and his pieces were also purchased by the Ministry of the Imperial Household. He is also held in the Ichinomiya City Museum [link to their tiger painting].
He also had a close friendship with Yamamoto Baiso (1848-1921) of Handa [LACMA link].

Biography provided by Hidehiko Keuke (Ichinomiya City Museum, Aichi Prefecture).

Very good condition for its age (very early 20th century) -normal aging. High quality silk. Looks incredible in natural light. The photos can not do it justice.

Fairly large. – 22″ x 81″ – Comes with a sealed document of authenticity and hours worth of reading and documentary viewing. Price includes shipping worldwide! All prices in Canadian dollars. 

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