Morisato Toraku – 森里 陶楽 – (1926 – 2005) – Tea Bowl – 京焼茶碗

$200.00 CAD

Morisato Toraku studied at the National Cereamics school and towards the end of her career was designated a traditional craftsman by the Ministry Of Labor, winning many top prizes in exhibitions along the way.  The the second generation owner of an important Shimizu-yaki kiln in Kyoto, it is now in the hands of the third generation. She also had many important students, including Biggi Spiro. This is a very unique piece of Kyo-yaki (it can also be called “Morisato-yaki”, as she reached the fame and recognition of his own school and style). A one of a kind piece of art. Handmade and stamped by the artist. Excellent condition. Miro inspired? With gift box.

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